Monday, December 14, 2009

Add to My "To Make" List!

Well hi. It's been a while. But without proper resources, and even less time, college just hasn't been kind enough to let me be a blogger. Despite the wonderful time I've had so far, the one thing college really seems to lack is a steady supply of delicious food. Sure, the restaurants here are fantastic, but I've been doomed too dining halls far too often and one of my biggest reasons for being excited about the semester ending is that I'll be spending four weeks with a kitchen and fully stocked refrigerator. Oh. Yes.

Needless to say winter break for me means fitting in as many cooking excursions as I can manage before classes start back up again. I've got a few things in mind... my next birthday cake ;), an avocado smoothie, gingerbread houses, peppermint ice cream, a couple soups, some breakfast experiments... but I figured before set pots to stoves and cookie sheets to oven racks I'd see if anyone has any recommendations.

I'm always looking for a good recipe and since I've been lead to believe that on occasion people do drop in to read my endless droning about this pastry or that stew, if you have anything you would be interested in seeing me attempt, let me know. Nothing to simple, I'm looking for a challenge. And by the way, someone might be getting a big beautiful bright red KitchenAid mixer for her birthday... so bring it ;).


  1. Dear Molly,

    Please make cookies with oreo's surrounded by cookie dough.

    Thank you,