Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thai to Try

Except for when I go home I can't really cook or bake anymore. Since I'd hate to limit my blogging to every four or five weeks, which may happen anyway because of my homework load and tendency to be easily distracted, I decided I should find a few other directions to take. Food related of course.

I noticed that there are a number of incredibly intriguing restaurants on Kirkwood, not to mention all the places in the strip across from my dorm and, of course, the numerous dorm cafeterias. I've made it my mission to try every last one of the incredible looking ethnic restaurants here and explore some of the more popular Bloomington joints.

Siam House

First, the Siam House. Oh. My. God. This Thai restaurant serves food straight from heaven. Or at least my dish was. Taylor and I went together before the Margo and the Nuclear So & So's concert this weekend and I just about died I was in such a state of bliss. I do love Asian food, like true asian cuisine, not the Americasian stuff (the American version of Asian food) like Panda Express and whatnot :P.

Siam House

Taylor ordered Pad See Aiew. He claims he really enjoyed it, ate nearly the whole thing, and I thought it looked delicious, but there is no way he fell for this restaurant the way I did. I love curry and had an awful time trying to pick off of their menu which curry dish I wanted. After much debate and the emotional support of Taylor I order a dish called Mus-Sa-Mon. The menu described it as "a classic three flavored curried chicken or beef stew with potato onions and peanuts." One of the best meals I've ever had I do believe.

Siam House

The vegetables and chicken were nestled in a thick sauce that was almost sweet with a pleasant spicy after kick. You can order your food spicy on a scale from 1-5, I ordered 3 and was very comfortable, but I do believe the spiciness was turned down by the ingredients of the dish, one of which I'm nearly positive is coconut milk. What really made this dish hit home, though, was the cinnamon. There was an actual cinnamon stick in my bowl of curry! I think that was where they absolutely won me over. The cinnamon wasn't too strong, but just enough to make it's presence known and add warmth to the dish. Comfort food unlike any other. My dish came out with a large bowl of jasmine rice, as well, just the thing to soak up the flavor of that pot of creamy goodness.

Siam House

Better yet after we left the Siam House we made our way to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater with two tickets to Margo and the Nuclear So & So's. Admittedly I only knew one song, but it was a really good show! Margo is definitely ideal chill music, the kind of band you listen to when you need music to get lost in.

But anyway, you can find the menu for the Siam House at their website: We've only tried two dishes so the restaurant definitely needs further exploration but I don't doubt the rest of their dishes are fantastic. If any of you try anything new from there please let me know what you think, I could use a good recommendation for my next visit!

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